Render Image for Designer Desktop

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Convert your data into beautifully-rendered images with this comprehensive suite of image-manipulation tools.


This license is for installing the Render Image tool suite on one device with Alteryx Designer Desktop installed. Use is limited to one user on one device. Multiple users or multiple devices require multiple licenses.

This license is a perpetual license to all updates and revisions of version 1 of the Render Image tool suite.

Added Tools

  • Crop Image: Crops an image at a specified point to a specified width and height.
  • Draw Pixels: Draws an incoming stream of records representing RGBA pixels onto an image.
  • Draw Primitives: Draws lines, curves, circles, rectangles, regular polygons, and arcs onto an image. Primitives may be drawn with outlines, filled in, or both. Outlines may be solid or dashed.
  • Draw Text: Draws text onto an image.
  • Export Image: Exports an image to a JPG or PNG file.
  • Format Render: Add formatting fields (line options, fill color) to a data stream intended for the Draw Primitives tool.
  • Measure Text: Output the height and width of text that will be rendered by Draw Text.
  • New Image: Creates a new image with a specified size and background color.
  • Open Image: Loads an existing JPG or PNG image for editing.
  • Overlay Image: Draw one image onto another at a specified point, rotating as desired.
  • Preview Image: Renders an exported image in the tool config panel for quick review.
  • Scale Image: Resize images.
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Render Image for Designer Desktop

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