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Graphyx and Render Image updates

Hello everyone!

I made a few updates this past week:

I updated the Output tool in Graphyx. The Output tool can now export multiple relationships between nodes by specifying relationship ID fields. As before, the Output tool performs upserts. Relationships with matching values in the ID fields get updated. If no relationship exists, then a new one is created.

I also made updates to the Render Image tool suite. The Draw Text tool can now wrap text by specifying a max width. I also added a new tool called Measure Text. Measure Text will output the height and width of text, so you can adjust the sizes of other elements based on the final size of your text.

Both of these updates to Render Image were made because I needed them to build some charting macros. They are both released under version 1, so they are free updates to everyone who has already purchased the tool suite.


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