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Graphyx v1.0.5 Released

Graphyx v1.0.5 has been released! There are 2 changes in v1.0.5:

  • In earlier versions of Graphyx the Neo4jInput tool would error out when running an OPTIONAL MATCH query that returned a null node or relationship. This is fixed in v1.0.5.
  • The Neo4jOutput tool can now export arrays in node and relationship properties. Output arrays must be JSON-encoded UTF-8 text in a Blob field.

Download the new version here!

Report any issues on GitHub.

The following is an example of exporting an array of strings as a node property.

The sample data

The input table contains a list of pet owners and the types of pets they own. We want to export the list of pet types as an array on the Owner node.

Step 1

Use a summarize tool to aggregate the Owner ID. Concatenate the Pet field to turn the list into a valid string representation of a JSON array.

Step 2

Use the Blob Convert tool (found in the Developer tab) to convert the concatenated Pets field into a UTF-8 blob field.

Step 3

Export the Pets field as a node property. The Neo4jOutput tool will automatically detect the JSON array and export it appropriately.


The list is exported, as expected, as an array property on the Owner node.


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Graphyx v1.0.4 Released

Graphyx and Render Image updates

Open-source tool installers added!

Public release of Render Image tool suite!

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